Naked 100 E-Juice 60mL

Naked 100 E-Juice 60mL

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Naked 100 Ice E-Juice 60mL

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All Melon: Watermelon x Honeydew Melon x Cantaloup
Mango (Formerly known as “Amazing Mango”): Mango x Peach x Cream
Melon Kiwi (Formerly known as “Green Blast”): Honeydew Melon x Green Apple x Kiwi
Hawaiian POG: Passion Fruit x Orange x Guava
Lava Flow: Strawberry x Coconut x Pineapple
Maui Sun: Pineapple x Orange x Tangerine
Peach (Formerly known as “Peachy Peach”): Peach x Apricot x Nectarine
Really Berry: Blackberry x Blueberry x Lemon

Mango Ice (Formerly known as “Amazing Mango Ice”): Mango x Peach x Cream x Menthol
Hawaiian POG: Passion Fruit x Orange x Guava
Lava Flow: Strawberry x Pineapple x Coconut x Menthol

American Patriots: Classic-Cut Rich Tobacco
Cuban Blend: Smooth Tobacco
Euro Gold: Caribbean Tobacco

Apple (Formerly known as “Apple Cooler”): Apple x Green Grape x Watermelon x Menthol
Strawberry Pom (Formerly known as “Brain Freeze”): Strawberry x Kiwi x Pomegranate x Menthol
Melon (Formerly known as “Polar Breeze”): Honeydew x Pineapple x Cantaloupe x Menthol
Berry (Formerly known as “Very Cool”): Blueberry x Blackberry x Raspberry x Menthol

Lemon (Formerly known as “Green Lemon”): Lime x Lemon
Straw Lime: Strawberry x Lime
Strawberry (Formerly known as “Triple Strawberry”): Sweet Strawberry

Azul Berries: Blueberry x Raspberry x Cream
Pineapple Berry (Formerly known as “Berry Lush”): Strawberry x Pineapple x Cream
Banana (Formerly known as “Go Nanas”): Banana x Cream
Strawberry (Formerly known as “Naked Unicorn”): Strawberry x Cream

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Flavor | Nicotine Level

Crisp Menthol 0MG, Crisp Menthol 3MG, Crisp Menthol 6MG, Crisp Menthol 12MG, Apple Cooler 0MG, Maui Sun 0MG, Naked Unicorn(Strawberry) 3MG, Naked Unicorn(Strawberry) 6MG, Fusion – Green Lemon 0MG, Fusion – Green Lemon 12MG, Really Berry 0MG, Really Berry 3MG, Really Berry 6MG, Really Berry 12MG, Lava Flow 0MG, Lava Flow 3MG, Lava Flow 6MG, Lava Flow 12MG, Hawaiian POG 0MG, Hawaiian POG 3MG, Hawaiian POG 6MG, Hawaiian POG 12MG, Tobacco – American Patriots 0MG, Tobacco – American Patriots 3MG, Tobacco – American Patriots 6MG, Tobacco – American Patriots 12MG, Tobacco – Cuban Blend 0MG, Tobacco – Cuban Blend 3MG, Tobacco – Cuban Blend 6MG, Tobacco – Cuban Blend 12MG, Tobacco – Euro Gold 0MG, Tobacco – Euro Gold 3MG, Tobacco – Euro Gold 6MG, Tobacco – Euro Gold 12MG, Menthol – Brain Freeze(Strawberry Pom) 0MG, Menthol – Brain Freeze(Strawberry Pom) 3MG, Menthol – Brain Freeze(Strawberry Pom) 6MG, Menthol – Brain Freeze(Strawberry Pom) 12MG, Menthol – Polar Breeze(Melon) 3MG, Menthol – Polar Breeze(Melon) 6MG, Menthol – Polar Breeze(Melon) 12MG, Menthol – Very Cool(Berry) 0MG, Menthol – Very Cool(Berry) 3MG, Menthol – Very Cool(Berry) 6MG, Menthol – Very Cool(Berry) 12MG

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