Craze 120ML E-Juice

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Craze 120ML E-Juice

Melon Berry Punch
This fun twist on the classic fruit medley is going to punch your taste buds into overdrive. Melon Berry Punch by Craze has an extra refreshing watermelon base with light pear and ripe strawberries. The perfect amount of fresh, lightness and impacting flavors gives you a vape juice blend so perfectly nuanced you’ll want to use it all day, every day. If you want a new fruit flavored vape, get in on the craze and give this a try.

Lemon Berry Blast
You’ll have an absolute blast filled with euphoria in this amazing, fruity mixture. Fresh squeezed lemon is blended along rare, outta-this-world, dragon-fruits and a mash of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. This concoction is the lemonade mash up of your dreams, sweet and tart fruit flavors come together to give you a truly genuine, fresh flavor experience. Give in and get yourself one of the most refreshing vape juices that are out there, become part of the craze!

Mango Melon Bash
A vibrant flavor we have mashed together strawberries, watermelons and pear medley that is here to quench any thirst!

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